Loft is for a modern urban style in interior design, which is based by its big open space and industrial elements in décor. Here are tips to decorate it


A worldwide trend in large cities, the loft emerged in New York, in the second half of the 20th century, in response to the need to create apartments in spaces previously occupied by factories, such as attics or warehouses. When using this type of occupation for the house, the lofts appeared, whose main characteristic is the absence of traditional walls to divide the houses’ spaces.

Therefore, the first tip is to ensure the delimitation of spaces in the loft efficiently. In addition to competently fulfilling this role, the rugs add more sophistication to the decoration and can be key pieces to ensure style to the place.

At the same time, they provide comfort and safety where they are inserted since there are good quality models on the market that are flame retardant, anti-static and anti-allergic. The variety of textures, shapes, and colors also contributes to producing a differential in the room and facilitates accessories and furniture.

Carpets stand out because, in addition to offering all the advantages mentioned above, they help to save energy. As the lofts are usually large spaces, it is worth reducing the expense with the air conditioning unit through these objects, which can avoid heat exchange with the floor and maintain the ambient temperature.

  1. Divide The Locations With Furniture

Another fundamental tactic for loft decoration is to bet on furniture to separate the environments. A cupboard, for example, can take the place of the wall that would divide the bedroom and living room and make the scene cleaner and according to the proposal. Remember to invest in good quality furniture with an excellent finish since all furniture will appear and part of the composition.

On the subject, another tip is to invest in planned furniture, which enhances the specific space of the apartment and can be designed to be multifunctional, which is ideal for both small spaces and larger places. As for the material, the tendency is to invest in wooden, iron, glass, or leather furniture.

  1. Bet On Vertical Gardens

The use of plants in lofts is always welcome, huge ones or vertical gardens. In addition to making the decor more modern and refined, a green area in the environment is responsible for making the space more pleasant and harmonious, facilitating the balance of the house, and achieving inner peace. In addition, vertical gardens are a great way to break industrial decor, which is very common in lofts. For plants to have a long and healthy life, remember to bet on species that are well suited to this type of environment, such as the lucky bamboo, the peace lily, and the boa constrictor.

  1. Invest In Mirrors

The mirrors elegantly expand the notion of space, in addition to helping to distribute the light. Thus, it is easier to have a well-lit and cozy environment, increasing comfort in the areas where this type of object is installed. Therefore, the idea is to evaluate the place where the piece will be placed carefully. Doing it in front of the windows helps to capture natural light and distribute it more appropriately in spaces.

To further enhance the loft decor, also worry about the finish of the mirrors: it is essential to look for beautiful and sophisticated frames since, if well chosen, these objects can become essential pieces for decoration. Associated with this, give liveliness to the place by investing in brighter colors for small accessories or prominent elements, such as luxury furniture and carpets.

  1. Use Softer Colors

As loft environments tend to be integrated, there is a concentration of visual information in the space, which the visitor perceives only once. To neutralize this amount of information, one option is to bet on a softer color palette or loft color ( สีลอฟท์ which is the term in Thai).

Because of this, and due to the tendency to invest in industrial decoration in this type of space, gray is an excellent bet. Other widely used colors are the more neutral shades of blue and beige and other light shades.

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