1. Use a good water timer for your plants. This helps reduce the next water bill. It will likewise help you save time.
  2. Save water using a drip system. Look at your local phone book for landscaping or drip system for installations. Most drip systems are affordable and simple to set up. It can be done yourself.
  3. Water early in the day hrs, especially your lawn. Avoid watering throughout the mid or late hrs. You never know what you are able see!
  4. Watering throughout the late hrs and standing water may promote fungus and illnesses. You’ll save water by watering early in the day hrs.
  5. Look at your watering to make certain you aren’t watering the driveway or perhaps your neighbors yard.
  6. Make sure all sprinkler hoses aren’t dripping, blocked or pinched.
  7. Chose Bermuda sod or grasses over others, because it is drought tolerant and needs less maintenance. Seek advice from the local nursery for other kinds of low water grasses.
  8. Deep Watering is way better than shallow watering. Make certain water drains well.
  9. Keep in mind that most trees, plants and shrubs need little watering after they are very well established. Normally, this is about 12 months after being grown.
  10. Make use of a soaker hose for many plants because this offers less evaporation.
  11. Always employ a great mulch for planting trees, shrubs or plants. Mulch can help retain water.
  12. Don’t use a hose to spray debris from pavement or sidewalks. Make use of a push broom rather.
  13. Make use of a bucket to clean your automobile. Make use of a good “Vehicle Wash” detergent that can help prevent streaks. Make use of a hands held nozzle which will switch off after rinsing your automobile.
  14. Turn off water sprinklers and drip systems immediately after a great rain fall.
  15. Avoid watering during windy days. Wind can make water evaporate considerably faster.
  16. Keep the rotor blades sharpened, dull blades tear grass which makes it take more water to recoup.
  17. Keep the yard maintained on the all year round bases. Mow, prune, and get rid of. Other people will appreciate you and it will feel good later on.
  18. Save the lengthy hot baths for special events. Take short showers rather.
  19. Use low water or Xeriscaping plants for the garden or landscaping home. Or take a look at our drought plants here
  20. Don’t turn your cooler on until it’s a minimum of 80-85 levels. You evaporative cooler uses significantly less water.
  21. Make sure to slightly open of the question in every room to ensure that heated air will escape.
  22. Water conservation mandates that you keep your evaporative cooler – look for leaks and proper waterflow and drainage.
  23. Install efficient shower heads. The majority are affordable and simple to set up.
  24. Bath together with your spouse! Yes have a bath or showers together with your spouse, you can almost reduce your water bill in two!

For those who have other great water saving tips please call us.

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