One of the most practical ways to renovate or give a new look to old wooden furniture and doors is to change the color. Painting wood is a very simple task you can do in your home. But the result is not always durable and beautiful. That’s why we’ve brought you some tips that will make your life easier and help you.

You can paint wooden doors or furniture yourself in your home with wood paint (สีทาไม้ which is the term in Thai). When revitalizing or renovating the piece, the idea is to disassemble as much as possible. This way, hard-to-reach corners are more accessible, and the finish is beautiful and flawless.

What Is The Ideal Paint For Painting Wood?

The best paint for painting wood is enamel paint. This type of paint has a choice of matte, gloss, semi-gloss, or satin finishes, catering to all tastes. It is economical, and you can find it in several colors at one of the stores.

Is Sanding Necessary Before Painting?

Varnished furniture must be sanded to ensure paint adhesion. Fixation is better when the texture is rougher. Sanding the furniture removes small imperfections that may exist in the wood.

Use Of Putty Or White Paint Base

In wooden furniture with an irregular surface, it is essential to use putty before painting. Thus, other paints that would normally be used for walls, such as acrylic or latex, can be used. If the surface doesn’t need the putty before painting, it’s a good idea to apply white paint first, before the chosen colors. If the wood is darker than the new color, white paint is essential for the final result.

Roller, Brush, Or Spray

In wood painting, roller, brush, or spray can be used, but each will bring a different result. More practical, the roller is for large surfaces and leaves fewer marks. The brush is needed in small corners that are difficult to access. On the other hand, the spray has both advantages, being necessary protection around the piece so as not to stain the environment.

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