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Are you a person who likes to have a traditional-looking house? It may look vintage to a few but this is also a trend these days. Having a slate roof has many benefits. It is not just beautiful but is durable – it can stay for around 80 years, if well maintained. The roof material itself is fireproof. And since it is used in slanting design this makes it perfect for the colder regions as well. Rain or snow does not stay on for long, as it slides right down. But to maintain it and have a perfect look you must consider waterproofing it. This will increase the life and gloss of the surface. 


How to go about waterproofing?

You must take help from the roof waterproofing specialist as it will be better and also cost-effective. Yes, you got it right. The professionals will cost less as once the job is done well, you will not have much of maintenance costs. Also, they have the best technology of EPDM even over damaged tiles. The optimum usage of this material will cover all the nooks and corners as well. The firestone EPDM is very versatile in nature. The smallest leaks will also be taken care of. You can prevent further damage to the property and avoid roof tearing. There will also be no mold problem in the future and no need for frequent repairs. The whole process will take only one or two days. Then it will be fully dry. It will dry faster in dry weather and may take longer in humid weather. 


What are the benefits of slate roof waterproofing?

There are many noted benefits of waterproofing on the slate roof, such as:

  • Energy-efficiency: This waterproofing membrane is noted to reflect the sunlight away. This will make your home insulated and cooling or heating will be used with lesser intensity. This will help conserve energy and the cooling and heating units will be very efficient.


  • Extends lifetime: The longevity of the roof will be enhanced. Also as there will be no damage due to water leakage the whole structure will be strong. The decay, wear and tear all will be stopped. This solution once applied will stay intact for as long as 20 years.


  • Humidity is reduced: The humidity that enters the structure through the roof will be reduced and there will be no molds or any other related problems. Many people have allergies to molds, so the house will now be safe, even for infants.


  • Cost-effective: The application of waterproofing is a cheaper option compared to the replacement of the entire roof. There will be no need for replacement soon and also no further repair will be needed. Though repairs are not needed, even if it is needed it is just a recoat, that costs very less. It is done very quickly. 


  • Quick: The whole process of waterproofing is very quick. Even for a large roof, one day will be enough as compared to replacing on the whole. The coating is done by spraying so it is really fast. Also, all the spaces narrow or wide are covered alike. Your normal work inside the building will not be disturbed. The people of the waterproof lab are very good at their work.
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