A big question goes through people’s minds when they live in condominiums and want to adopt a pet (more precisely talking about cats and dogs) or when they already have pets and move to a condominium: What should you do?

This article contains tips to avoid inconvenience for the pet’s owner and other residents; check below and click on condo near charan (คอน โด แถว รั which is the term in Thai).

Avoiding Pet Noises

Barking, howling, meowing, among other noises, can disturb the neighborhood, and these should be mainly avoided between 20:00 and 8:00, which is usually the quiet time in the city. A tip from trainers to teach the dog to bark little when hearing noise in the hallway of the building, on the street, etc., is to sprinkle some cold water on the muzzle after a few barks and say “quiet” in a firm tone of voice.

Animal Hygiene And Health In Apartments

Always keep animals vaccinated and clean; the health and hygiene tips are the same for any other property. Always take a bag to collect waste and make sure it doesn’t do your thing on the condominium’s premises. The ideal is four daily departures.

If there is no availability for outings, educate your pet to do it in the same corner. A corner in the service area covered with newspaper is ideal, and you can use “drop essences” that they sell in Pet shops to help you understand the correct location.


Always use a collar in the condominium so that there are no unusual situations with other residents. In addition, for the animal’s safety, make sure that there is no possibility of it suffering accidents such as, for example, with the windows that go to the floor, in these cases the idea is to put a screen. In the case of cats, if yours has the habit of staying on top of furniture, be very careful also with the ones that are near the windows.

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